The Gingerbread Whorehouse

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: That gingerbread house from your childhood? Well the neighborhood has changed and now it sports a red light out front! Very foody, very sweet, very sexy, very grown up in a sex kitten way. This is European Gingerbread given an American Cajun jolt with the spices, cher! Mmmm. Unisex, sexy-sex, and wow. Oh, the sign outside does say,”Ho Ho Ho House”. Heh. You might end up with a whole new reputation. Sweet, foody, gourmand, spicy.

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “The Gingerbread Whorehouse”

  1. This is delicious. It smells like fresh gingerbread dough and morphs into a softer scent that allows the pink pepper to shine with wear. This had great throw and almost seemed to get stronger towards the middle of the day. It is a huff at your wrists constantly kind of scent.

  2. Heavy gingerbread with pepper. Deliciously sweet and spicy but not gourmand. Just like Arcana Philtre:Consumed, minus the sweet milk at the end!

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