The Pleiades

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Subaru in Japanese myth (hence the name of the car and its logo) the 7 sisters have a variety of myths attributed to their origins and lives (usually they were ravished by a variety of gods who could not withstand their beauty and had an army of children afterwards). Hauntingly romantic silver musk is at the base, osmanthus (sweet olive), pink baby rose, hawthorne, and a small amount of vanilla. A very floaty, dreamy fragrance perfect for mooning over your lover or trying to catch the attention of someone for whom you have set your cap. Difficult to pin down, and wraps you in a cloud of charmingly vague but definitely beautiful fragrance. Very very feminine.

Released: The Night Sky

1 thought on “The Pleiades”

  1. I can smell the individual notes out of the vial but my skin amps the pink baby rose and hawthorne until they completely take over the scent. Not sure if it’s skin chemistry or you need to be a rose lover. Personally very few rose scents work on me. I wish it would’ve stayed on my skin the way it smelled out of the vial.

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