Lady Roma

Brand: Sarawen

Scent Description: The fragrance of a dusky evening in ancient times of Rome. The air is filled with the scent of pomegranate trees and ripe fruit, while sandalwood burns brightly in a brazier by the atrium. A feminine fruity scent with a hint of depravity hidden within! A scent perfect for the aspiring Domina, beautiful to wear both daytime and evening. Part of the Ancient Worlds collection. Main notes: pomegranate, sandalwood, juniper, incense

1 thought on “Lady Roma”

  1. This is a pretty sandalwood/incense perfume. It starts out very bright with pomegranate, though I wouldn’t say it’s ultrarealistic but it is nice. Eventually the pomegranate mellows down into just a fruity note and meshes with the sandalwood and incense. The pomegranate definitely helps to prevent this scent from getting too heavy/dry.

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