Red Jenny

Brand: Siren Song Elixirs

Scent Description: “Bad things should happen to bad people. We find someone not so bad, maybe he’ll end up not so dead.” ~ Sera

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Dragon Age’s Sera, the fiery and unpredictable rogue and leader of the ‘Red Jenny’ resistance. Self-made and nontraditional, Sera makes no excuses or apologies for who she is and rejects how people think she should be. She’s deadly with a bow but her favorite distraction is a bomb of bees thrown at her enemies for the ultimate distraction as she giggles at the chaos!

Fragrance – Bold black cherry bursts from the bottle, bold and in your face, before drying down to golden honey swirled with warm vanilla, juicy pomegranate and raspberry sorbet. The sweet notes of ripe red fruit are balanced with the tart sweetness of satsuma citrus and golden honeysuckle. It’s a wildcard, flirty and bold with no excuses.

Key notes – Black cherry, Honey, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Honeysuckle, Satsuma