4 thoughts on “Redrum”

  1. This scent is fancy. It’s like someone poured dry champagne all over a bunch of old, priceless fur coats; a little fuzzy and sparkling with a feral, musky underbelly. It’s a little… plain? though. It’s fancy-plain. It’s definitely more atmospheric, with musky fur and dark wood polish. It’s really nothing special, though, unfortunately.

  2. Redrum……
    My second try with this. First time I Hated it.
    This time, trying to assess. I don’t hate it now but don’t think I would get more
    It smells.like Suave Strawberry shampoo without the strawberry. I know that makes no sense. But it does. I think that’s the effervescent champagne glasses effect.
    And something nasty and oily like rubber and motor oil. Acrid.
    That last awhile and goes away drying down to a subtle ghostly sweet whisper. Sortof pretty.
    No fur coat smell tho.
    Definitely atmospheric!!!!!!

    1. I agree with the other users, this is definitely a fancy but simple scent. It’s champagne grapes and something nice underneath, maybe a musk? The strawberry suave minus strawberry is spot-on, though lol

  3. Redrum is a surprise winner for me! It’s so mysterious and pretty! There’s nothing fizzy of that champagne, I’m glad! But muffled din and ghostly masquerade party are perfect words for it! It is ghostly beautiful! 🥰 I do imagine it being even more glorious as EdP!

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