Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: a legend of ancient origin, you may know him as the wolf-man, werewolf, loup-garou, Nahual, or Rougarou. His scent is inky, animalic, warm and dark green; dense forest roots, dusty fur, and the eerie light of a full moon piercing a stormy sky.

Released: Friday the Thirteenth Exclusive Friday, April 13, 2018

3 thoughts on “Lycanthrope”

  1. This is a lovely, smooth, dark scent. Like extinguished incense in a forest, cool wisps of something mysterious winding around herbs and stone, curling up into the sky.

  2. This smells very ‘teal green’ to me – an impression of a forest more than a literal in-your-face pine. It’s cool and woodsy with something very nearly minty about it, giving the impression of damp woods with rich vegetation. Underneath, there’s an ink note that’s cool and sort of mineral-metallic, complementing that almost-mintiness. Finally I can detect a muskiness to it which makes it quite unisex and smooths out any astringencies – it’s very smooth for a scent with so many notes with the potential to lean high-pitched. This is really beautiful and unique as far as forest scents go. Modest throw, low (3hr) longevity with the musk sticking around for longer.

  3. Lycanthrope is a very green, slightly musky, silvery scent. On my skin I get a lot of the earthy mineral dirtiness of the tuber, lots of herbaceous wild plants, a musky fuzzy fur scent that’s super addictive, and worn stone. This scent is cool and smooth and close to earth, and to me has some masculine herbal musk tones.

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