The Bottling Room

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Sterile Glass, Electricity, Copper, Hot Light Bulbs, Lab-Grown Flowers, Synthetic Greenery

Released: Summer 2018

5 thoughts on “The Bottling Room”

  1. Omg WOW! Just WOW! I got a sample of this from the summer re-release and am just trying it now.
    I just don’t know how to begin to describe it!
    There is floral, yes, green yes but the main note is something so clean and smooth I can’t pinpoint it. Perhaps that’s the glass. I sense the heat element and perhaps electricity but not like burnt wires at all. It’s just soo soo good!
    Electrical note becomes a little more prevalent after a bit but seriously this is the cleanest freshest thing I have ever smelled!

  2. This scent is incredibly unique and atmospheric. It smells like a greenhouse crossed with a laboratory. It smells like buzzing lightbulbs and electricity coursing through copper wires. It smells a little green. It’s very, very interesting. The dry down is warm and clean, like too much electricity in an extremely sterilized room, and much more wearable than when wet.

  3. This is wild! Wearing the spray format at the beginning I get fizzy hot wires and metal, it gives you the idea of electricity. There’s also an aspect of freshness I’m guessing from the “synthetic greens”. If I’m not thinking in the abstract it kind of reads as fizzy green apple. Very nice summer fragrance for those hot & humid days!

  4. When I first tried this a few weeks after it arrived in the summer it smelled like electricity and glass. Now it smells like this citronella bracelet I bought at a camp store. The citronella and the plastic is spot on. This is a destasher. Oh well, I guess my skin chem wasn’t a fan.

  5. The Bottling Room is so cool and fascinating and super offbeat. It really does smell electric and metallic, with a thread of sterile true green plants. This scent reminds me almost exactly of the huge multilevel gym at my undergrad university, especially toward the pool area (it almost has a chlorinated aspect to it). It also makes me feel really science-y. I just find the scent to be energetic and like nothing else I own, and while it is strange it’s a very pleasant scent.

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