Camp Willow

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scents Description: Campfire, Fir Balsam, Spruce, Pine Needles, Black Coffee, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco, Marshmallow & Bourbon

8 thoughts on “Camp Willow”

  1. Campfire smoky with a tinge of sweetness that develops into a marshmallowy smoky scent on me, one of my favorites

  2. Wow. This is completely yummy. It’s not overly sweet, but at first when it’s wet I almost smell like a tootsie roll/ coffee vibe. Then when it drys and melts in with your skin it’s a sophisticated, coffee/ marshmallow with a hint of smoke 💨 this is really a delicious oil. It’s similar to what I already have I.e sample of smokey mallow, and I just got a bottle of smoke & mirrors. It kindof reminds me of aspects of alkemias ‘exotique’ as well. That coffee note. anyways I’d get this if I didn’t already have a smokey marshmallow perfume 🙂

  3. Very unisex yet I think this would smell completely different on a man versus a woman and either could pull this off. To my nose, this leans more masculine. This wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be. On my skin this opens up as all smoke and eventually mellows into a smoky vanilla pipe tobacco with the tiniest hint of burnt marshmallow. I liked the notes that came through on me but was so disappointed that I didn’t get any pine, bourbon or coffee. I have a feeling that would’ve knocked this one out of the park for me. The smoke in this one reminded me of a cross between the smoke note in Smokewood Apiary and chimney smoke. This one lasted all day on me. Smoky scents like this are awesome in cold weather.

  4. First I get the same lovely bonfire smoke note as in Smoky mountain mallow, as others wrote, without the sweet note. Then I get coffee and soon after that vanilla tobacco. Unfortunately I’m no tobacco fan, and that is pretty dominant here. I do get the fir, pine and spruce notes, but the VPT is way stronger!
    It’s nice but not for me!

  5. Heavy BBQ smoke to start without the sweetness that cuts in it SMM with a following quick punch of black coffee and bourbon. As it begins to settle down on skin, it quickly runs much MUCH sweeter with the pipe tobacco and marshmallow making it smell pretty edible with the smoke shifting to the background and the coffee note dying off completely (unfortunately because that note is great). I’d say VPT is actually the star of the show here. The evergreens sortof pop in and out of existence. I was really hoping they’d be stronger, so I’ll likely layer this with Outpost.

  6. Campfire smoke (the same from Smoky Mountain mallow.. slightly BBQ) and alcohol is what I mostly smell.. I really liked it at first but the alcohol (or whatever I was smelling) put me off since as it started reminding me of rubbing alcohol and made me nauseaus.

  7. Quite lovely and evocative. Heavy smoke in the beginning which sometimes teeters on BBQ with a whiff of pine, but quickly dissipates as the tobacco and pine, grounded with the coffee gives this a deeper, earthy feel. In the end, this becomes a really cozy vanilla marshmallow.

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