Lace Draped Spectre

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Reformulated 2017. A hauntingly feminine blend of vanilla musk, spicy carnation and a hint of pink pepper essential oil, rose and white musk. The scent of an elegantly perfumed ivory lace shroud adorning the fleeting image of a mysterious visitor. Spicy vanilla accentuated with ethereal florals. Lace Draped Spectre is sweet, spicy, lightly musky and airy. The rose is very restrained and primarily detected as a top note. The focus on the perfume is the clove-scented pink carnations and a vanilla medley. Contains traces of a lovely Indian jasmine ruh.

10 thoughts on “Lace Draped Spectre”

  1. This perfume reminds me of my dead mother, she died a couple of years ago; just after the 2017 reformulation, and loved Carnations and the perfume White Linen. Maybe that’s why I find this perfume utterly melancholic? However it’s really quite a refined floral reminiscent of French female centric classic perfumes. It doesn’t morph much although the musk comes alive after the 4hr mark, otherwise it’s accurate to the description: spicy carnation (with a slight skankiness from the jasmine), slightly spicy peppercorn (but v restrained, I usually amp spice and don’t with this one), and sweet vanillic white musk. The rose and jasmine round out the carnation rather than being detected in their own right. It took me quite a while to warm up to this perfume but it just seems to get better with age (my sample was 2 yrs old). Pity because it’s no longer stocked in oil form so I can’t get anymore.

  2. I got this for the carnation. My skin amped the rose and I also had a (albeit short lived) period where something smelled like urine. I’m thinking it was from the trace jasmine ruh possibly? Sometimes jasmine goes stinky on me and I think that happened here. What exactly is a ruh? Is it like an attar? I’ll have to look that term up. I wasn’t a fan of this one, it didn’t jive with my skin chemistry. I prefer Winter Dove for it’s carnation note over this one.

  3. Probably one of the most gorgeous fresh florals in the SS catalogue. The carnation is hyper-realistic and plays well with the pink pepper – it’s a little spicy and musky-green. The vanilla musk in this blend is a little ‘cooler’ than the usual SS, too, so the whole blend comes across as more mature.

  4. This is a very pretty scent. Spicy carnation and vanilla cream (almost marshmallow) are the notes I pick up the most. It has a cold feeling with a spicy bite- and is very feminine. I love carnations and would recommend this to anyone else who is always a fan of them. I feel like this scent is best for winter but also fall.

  5. To me this was heavy vanilla musk with a shot of heady floral spiciness from the carnation and pepper. Very feminine and beautiful, kind of a creamy quality, but it gave me a headache.

  6. It’s heeeavy on the carnation and pink pepper. So so so spicy with a little sweet muskiness. It’s incredibly PINK. But I like it. The spice makes it not too girly or floral.

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