Victorian Tea Room

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: Victorian Tea Room is a bright fruity floral perfume featuring light palmarosa essential oil, kumquat-orange marmalade, Roman chamomile essential oil, rose accord (natural and synthetic mix), lemon and dry black tea on an Oriental base that has loads of vanillic amber. Palmarosa smells like a mix of a very light rose geranium (it contains geraniol) but much more watery and floral tea-like than rose geranium essential oil. This perfume does contain a touch of rose geranium EO as well. It starts out with a bright floral and fruity zesty marmalade and a little chamomile tea. The dry black tea hovers just beneath with accents of lemon at the top. The dry down features a soft, sweet, linear amber Oriental. Victorian Tea Room is comprised of many naturals and is also a floral and fruit dominated scents. As such, this perfume does not have the longevity of some of our darker base note heavy amber and incense blends. The scent is so pleasant, bright and uplifting that you will likely wish to reapply every few hours to fully enjoy this beauty.

Released: Spring Collection

1 thought on “Victorian Tea Room”

  1. Wonderfully zesty lemony rose scent over top of a bitter chamomile tea. I don’t really get much black tea, but that’s true of all SS scents for me. This is the less sweet version of Victorian Picnic sans the white wine opener and the pound cake. They are similar enough scents that you can decide between them based on whether you want a sweet gourmand (VP) or a less sweet atmospheric (VTR) of a marmalade and tea scent.

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