White Fox

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description: An elegant skin scent featuring a soft vanilla core accentuated with notes evocative of clean silky white fur. The White Fox pads through snow laced with veins of frozen dirt. A delicate wood blend accents the composition. White Fox is heavy on ethereal vanilla with traces of woody-vanilla musk. Whispers of this entrancing aroma hover just above the skin. A cool subtle frozen dirt note swirls intimately through the scent, along with the carefully restrained addition of cedar and woods notes. Soft, gentle, beautiful and tenderly balanced.

9 thoughts on “White Fox”

  1. White Fox is like a fairy tale..Once upon a time there was a blast of cedar, woodsy, warm. Then along came the featheriest, gentlest, softest brush of vanilla, Lastly, the fur…oh…when I was a small child, I had a white rabbit fur coat. I would never buy or wear fur now, but back then in the 80s I didn’t know any different and I wanted one so badly like the other little.girls had. Finally I was gifted one. I was absolutely in love with it, so soft and the color of milk. I remember petting it and burying my face in the soft, dusty, furry scent. Because of this scent memory White Fox is very special to me. To wear this scent is to pass through the wardrobe full of furs into Narnia.

  2. On my skin I can detect the vanilla musk, woods, dirt and something that comes across as “frozen ozone”…maybe it’s the snow? Something in this reads as atmospheric but it’s a subtle background note. The cedar in this isn’t very prominent on me but I’m happy I don’t smell like the hamster cage shavings that others are getting from WF. Skin chemistry can be a bitch and it really when one wonky note ruins what would otherwise be a good scent. The longer this wears the stronger the vanilla musk becomes. In fact, the dry down of this is the most exquisite vanilla musk that I’ve ever come across. It has some decent longevity on me, still going strong at the 8 hour mark. I love to layer this with Possets Romping Skyclad (notes of patchouli, fir and crystal musk). They compliment each other so well and, I think that the fir and patchouli keep the vanilla musk from becoming too sweet. Also, I think that peppermint scents layer exceptionally well with White Fox.

  3. First applied, this is plain ol’ Vanilla Musk that someone mixed with a generous dollop of rubbing alcohol. A moment later, a nice 2-lb bag of gerbil bedding joins the mix and I have never had cedar go this way on me? 5 or 10 minutes in, I’m assaulted by a meaty patchouli. …I don’t want to scrub this because there HAS to be something I’m missing here, people love the heck out of this scent. But I hate it?

    Even after aging for several months this was what I got from White Fox.

  4. Buttery vanilla on a backdrop of dry woods, White Fox is aptly heavier on the musk than most of Solstice’s other vanilla-musk compositions. The dirt accord is sharp but not too literal, dancing in the spaces between the vanilla and woody notes and lending enough freshness that the blend isn’t weighed down by creaminess. The vanilla note becomes cooler as it wears, but never crosses into minty. Not as snuggly as expected despite the surprisingly distinctive fur accord, but a favorite from Solstice nonetheless.

  5. I finally got my full size!! Now I can finish up my sample without being too sad about it!

    I don’t get dirt at all, I get the soft woods and vanilla musk, and it’s a creamy comfy scent, I imagine the woods in manor are the same here, they give me a similar vibe but white fox is a soft feminine scent where I think manor is more masculine, but I love both! I’ve been on a vanilla kick lately, but I would 10/10 recommend this scent!

  6. Calming, faint and soft- warm upfront with a cooling background note? ..After-shave with a dirt note, and a herbal (oregano?) note. Sweet and musky. This perfume is pretty hard to describe but these are the things that all come to mind. It smells great on my boyfriend but I feel like it’s too masculine for me.

  7. It starts out as strong white musk and a medicinal smell, which I assume is the cedar. That eventually fades to a sweeter white musk with a dirty, wood-like touch. It’s a little bit cold and a little bit less austere than a lot of other white musks, which is a nice take.

    1. I tried this again. It’s an even mix between vanilla musk, something sugary, and tire rubber. I’m going to vote that the cedar is the culprit of the bad parts. My SO really liked this and asked to keep it for himself.

  8. Musky fuzzy cold vanilla. The musk is definitely what’s brining in the fuzzy fur quality and I can pick up frozen dirt. There’s a chilly cedar scent to it (like wood shavings) that some people say reminds them of Carmex but all in all I really enjoy.

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