Sycamore Chai

Brand: Solstice Scents

Scent Description:

Vanilla Chai Tea & A Ginger-Pumpkin Roll Filled With Marshmallow Creme

Sycamore Chai features notes of cardamom, ginger, tea, vanilla, soft cinnamon and ginger-pumpkin rolls stuffed with marshmallow creme.

Sycamore Chai is primarily a vanilla chai tea fragrance with a hint of marshmallow creme and pumpkin. The marshmallow becomes stronger after the scent has been on the skin for a while. Sycamore Chai opens with an explosion of cardamom essential oil, ginger essential oil, tea and vanilla. The tea blend has a touch of a bergamot note. After a few minutes, the scent becomes sweeter and creamier with notes of cinnamon, clove and pumpkin coming forward. A warm melange of spices swirls around the tea and vanilla notes. A faint whiff of marshmallow creme will start to ebb in occasionally as the scent evolves.

7 thoughts on “Sycamore Chai”

  1. On me this is a ginger pumpkin roll with a hint of cinnamon. It pretty much smells the same from application until it wears off. Honestly this scent just makes me hungry. A friend makes me pumpkin rolls during the Fall/Winter and this is her recipe in a bottle! I’d prefer to have my house smell like this as opposed to myself. I just can’t get past the fact that this jacks up my appetite for all things pumpkin/ginger/cinnamon when I wear it. Some gourmand/foodie scents just have that effect on me. It’s a pass for me on the personal wear or I’d have the munchies 24/7 from smelling myself!!!

  2. Can’t get over the pumpkin note, which clashed with the vanilla from application to drydown and flattened the scent into fall candle territory; a cloyingly sweet base imbued with bursts of spices. Would really benefit from a stronger ginger note to freshen things up, as it’s currently only detectable as a bit of sharpness trailing after the miasma of pungency. The tea and woods are briefly detectable in the projection, along with a creamier vanilla, which is a remarkably pleasant combination, but only ever found between long stretches of nothing but pumpkin (without even the spice; one of the first notes to go with the drydown). This blend doesn’t really smell like chai at any point.

  3. Really very baked-goods gourmand on me, with sticky sugar and warm vanilla chai notes poking out too (I think I could detect cardamom in there). No tea on me, but the baked goods were very prominent, though I do amp sweet things. 5hr longevity, medium to high throw. I believe I put this in a pumpkin butter as it was too sweet/gourmand for me.

  4. One of my favorites. It starts a little spice heavy but mellows more into a black tea/chai. I don’t smell any pumpkin, but for me that’s a plus.

  5. One of my favorite warm, cozy, winter scents! It is very sweet, and the marshmallow and pumpkin are very prominent. The actual chai note is a little subdued. I get great longevity out of this in the roll-on perfume format.

  6. Smells like sweet soap to me. I really don’t get any chai spices at all, which is disappointing. It’s the same for me OOB and on skin.

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