Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Blue wisteria, white jasmine, rock rose, crisp cucumber, and aldehydes.

3 thoughts on “Hysteria”

  1. Aging has improved this. Much smoother, less screechy than when I got it fresh (iirc) and is actually quite beautiful. Wisteria, I think, is giving a hint of the screechy-floral still but it’s well tempered now. The rose is gorgeous and rounds out the jasmine, which is white and indolic as usual but in an animalistic kinda-sexy way that I can only imagine is what other people usually get out of it. Finally, I get a taste of what makes jasmine so desirable (I am detrimentally sensitive to white florals/indoles). This has never happened outside of TSS, so this is basically a miracle. The aldehydes perfectly match with the florals and promote a lushness I struggle to describe. A classic floral that suits an attractive older woman – this isn’t your grandma’s perfume, but it’s definitely not a young girl’s scent either. The thought behind this one is great, as this is a sexier version of an old fashioned perfume to go along with the archaic concept and treatment of Hysteria.

  2. I loveeeeee this one. At first sniff, it smells distinctly like blue Jello mix, but on the skin it’s a really gorgeous, crisp, clean scent. I’ve found that Hysteria is much longer lasting than some of TSS’s other scents. The aldehydes really stick out to me but as a whole this scent is very clean and fresh.

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