Kattegat Bay

Brand: Valhalla Soap Co.

Scent Description: Bergamot, sea salt, beach sage, eucalyptus, jasmine and lavender on a base of seagrass, white cedar, amber and rosewood. This is a great unisex scent!

2 thoughts on “Kattegat Bay”

  1. A super fresh scent. It’s kind of herbal, kind of aquatic and woody. It’s very well blended and I can’t pick out any jasmine or lavender, I think they just help to balance out the scent as a whole. It’s very unisex and smells like clean cool air without being soapy or air-freshener at all. My favorite thing to wear when the weather is at its hottest.

  2. It starts off herbal and fresh with salty driftwood in the background. I don’t get a ton of the jasmine, which I think serves to lend a little sweetness to the scent. It very much puts me in mind of grey, overcast northern beaches. Having also worn it to work out and gotten very sweaty, this one is a powerhouse of freshness, but doesn’t smell soapy in the slightest.

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