Brand: Valhalla Soap Co.

Scent Description: You can almost taste it…the smell is so thick. You close your eyes and smell the aroma of sap from the surrounding Cedar and Fir forests. Dragon’s Blood worn for protection warms from your body heat and releases it’s rich, exotic scent. The smoke of pillaging fires still hangs in the air. You breathe deeply and inhale the sweet smell of Viktory!! And tonight you shall feast from the plunder!!

1 thought on “Viktory”

  1. I’ve only tried it in the perfume oil so far. I get the dragon’s blood right up front, sweet and resinous and a little bit smoky. The background is forest and tree sap and a hint of woodsmoke. For some reason this scent always puts a little extra pep in my step, and makes me feel like I can tackle whatever is thrown my way. I really like this one for days I know will be difficult or stressful.

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