Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: Wild bergamot, clover honey, and a light dusting of spice leading to a heart of warm amber and barley grass grounded in a rich base of black vanilla, musk, teak, and worn brown leather.

3 thoughts on “Deadwood”

  1. Deadwood is really nice, even though I normally don’t care for leather at all it is subtle here and everything mixes so well together here, it is a very rich scent, complex and deep smelling.

  2. The honey in Deadwood is sweet and very slightly tangy and the leather is soft brown and worn-in, like a jacket that’s been used for years and years. However, the shining star for me in this scent is that sweet, almost powdery amber. It’s just lightly dusted with spice, and you don’t even realize there’s spice in there unless you’re looking for it, honestly. The amber and leather go together very well and are only enhanced by the honey note.

  3. Deadwood is straight up AMAZING. It’s woody and homey and comforting and lovely like sweet honey. It’s warm and rich and so, so, so nice.

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