Brand: Alchemic Muse

Scent Description: Some of the best things happen in the dark… sweet Bulgarian lavender over an intoxicating base of Madagascar vanilla with a most decadent touch of dark chocolate.

2 thoughts on “Nightshade”

  1. This is another one I just knew I was going to love because I am a huge lavender fan, but it was just your typical lavender vanilla with a chocolate dry down. And to be honest, it smells just like another fragrance I tried from another Etsy seller not too long ago. It’s like they’re all getting their fragrance oils from the same vendor.

  2. Strong fragrant lavender in the opening with a touch of chocolate which is fleeting. It’s all about the lavender which sweetens up once the vanilla arrives. A few days rest saw this one mellow out more which bodes well long term since I bought a full size blind. Moderate performance & longevity on this one liking it a lot.

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