Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A delicate daydream of grapefruit blossom, piquant blueberries, Lily of the Valley, jasmine pearl tea, elegant floral aldehydes, and a whisper of Japanese musk.

5 thoughts on “Aeria”

  1. Far less green than expected, Aeria is a clean scent noticeably heavier on the musk (even during its opening phase) than most of Alkemia’s other florals. The sweet-sour grapefruit blossom and slightly soapy aldehydes are at its forefront, with lily-of-the-valley and blueberries made more tangible as it dries down. After a few hours of wear, it becomes a musky, powdery skin scent with a hint of tartness.

  2. Bright and shimmery and pretty! This combination of notes smells like “a perfume”, but not “perfumy” if that makes sense. It’s pretty and fresh and clean – probably the grapefruit blossom and aldehydes. Upon drydown, I start to get the lily of the valley and the musk a little bit more.

    The grapefruit blossom is the standout here for me, this is lovely! Sort of a fresh, clean floral scent with a “dry” fruitiness from the grapefruit (rather than a sweet or syrupy one).

  3. This doesn’t smell like any individual notes to me – It’s just like a really nice, expensive soap. It’s very clean and floral, and I would like to smell it on other people. Still deciding if it’s up my alley, though.

  4. Wet: A mix of pale blossoms. No note jumps out compared to others.

    Dry: Floral, still pale flowers: now flowers you find during a late, warm summer night. The grapefruit blossom together with the lily of the valley in forefront.

    To me all the floral notes are well mixed together: its hard to pick up one specific note unless you concentrate. At times I think that the florals feel heavy: its not the shy flowers you find during spring. Instead its florals that insist to be everywhere during summer nights.
    Aeria does not jump out as a indie perfume, like some other more radical or gourmand scents tend to do. Instead, this is a scent that would work if one is looking for a floral mainstream scent but want to avoid the alcohol base thats often used in mainstream.

  5. Aeria is a musky, fruity-floral that leans more powdery-floral on me as time goes on. Lily is amped up on my skin, overtaking the fruitiness that was prominent in the opening. Before the lily-takeover, it was bright and clean and would have made a lovely spring/summer scent.

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