Book of Shadows

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A biblichor of eldritch books – heavy parchment paper, ancient iron oak gall ink, crumbling leather bindings, and wafts of rare incenses.

10 thoughts on “Book of Shadows”

  1. I mostly get the metallic tang of the iron oak gall ink and an “old leather” note. I do get a little bit of vanillic parchment, but I get little to no incense from this. It’s such a comforting “haunted old library” scent. This is one of my HG scents that I never want to be without.

  2. This is now my HG book scent. The leather works well for me and doesn’t go that weird almost lemony way a lot of leather scents can for me. The ink and parchment are true to life. All and all I will definitely buy a FS

  3. So funny that someone else’s S/O stated it smells like urinal cakes.. this was freshly applied same day after I shampooed my hair.. I blame the coconut conditioner. I let it age for a couple weeks.. it sweetened on my skin, I could get hints of leather and dust but somehow it morphed into a beautiful amber vibe.

  4. I don’t smell any of the described notes and can’t envision the description. My boyfriend said it smelled like “Urinal cleaner/cakes” and I had to agree- it’s like that blue porta-potty cleaner. I let this age for over a year and nothing really changed- I almost believed I had received the wrong perfume. I love Alkemia perfumes but it seems this one wasn’t a hit for me unfortunately!

  5. Have been on a HG book scent hunt for quite a while, (and blind bought this before sampling), however this unfortunately isn’t it. My skin amps the ink, which is the same note in The Raven but much stronger, and overpowervs everything but the incense. I’m definitely letting this one age, a lot.

  6. This one turned straight into New Car Smell on me and just didn’t let up. I’m not sure whether it’s the ink note or the leather note or both, but it wasn’t pleasant and had me feeling a little bit grossed out after a while. It’s a powerful, long lasting scent, too. Maybe I just need to age it a little more and see if it settles down a bit, because I don’t mind these notes in The Raven (another Alkemia fragrance), but as of now, this was a little too much.

    1. Update: It’s been a couple weeks and this has gotten better with resting. It’s no longer just overwhelming leather, but I’m getting pleasant whiffs of aged paper and ink and I’m actually starting to dig it. So if anyone else has been having problems with it, maybe give it a couple weeks to sort itself out.

    1. All I can smell is the bitter almond/cyanide smell. I smell like straight up poison! Will take others’ advice and let it age for a bit before trying again.

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