Cidre d’ Automne

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Freshly pressed varietal fall apples delicately blended with subtle autumnal spices. Sweet, crisp and exquisitely mouth-watering.

6 thoughts on “Cidre d’ Automne”

  1. I’m in love with this. It has a woodsy note that prevents it from being too sweet or too close to potpourri. It’s a refreshing Honeycrisp apple scent with strong notes of clove and cinnamon. I don’t get any maple/brown sugar/caramel notes, which is perfect. This is fall in a bottle.

  2. Beautiful take on apple cider, and autumn air. Refreshing.. and not too potpourri.. or a walking wax melt. On a basic note.. reminiscent of BBW ‘country apple’ a tad more complex.

  3. Realistic fresh apple with spices in the background, like cider.
    Also reminds me of “Apples crave Apples” by Arcana.

  4. Probably one of the most realistic apple cider scents I’ve ever tried. The apple note is dead-on for fresh cider. The spice is pretty understated. I’d say its like 85% apple and 15% spice. Simple but classic for fall, winter. I crave cider every time I wear this.

  5. i am exceedingly happy with this perfume. it is basically a perfect dupe for arcana apples crave apples – which is a LE. a realistic, juicy apple and just a hint of spice to keep it interesting. not an overly complex scent, but EXCEPTIONALLY great for fall.

  6. Juicy, pulped apples and spice (cinnamon/allspice, probably?). A little on the craft store/candle side, but not excessively so. Found it relatively light/delicate, but it carries the fall vibe without being overly aggressive.

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