Deadly Nightshade

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: The essence of dark feminine. Deep purple violets, dark leather, patchouli, black amber, and a narcotic swirl of opium.

4 thoughts on “Deadly Nightshade”

  1. Immediately upon application, I’m smelling violets and leather battling for the top spot. I can’t detect any of the other notes (patchouli, black amber and opium) at this point. Eventually things start to develop but this needs a little bit of time to calm down on me. There’s something almost offensive about this oil at this point but thankfully it’s a short lived stage. I’m thinking it’s the leather note maybe? I don’t have too much experience with leather notes but I do know that all of the other components jive with my chemistry. When this settled into the final stage on me I could finally smell the opium. The end result is a dark slightly powdery violet note tinged with opium with leather in the background. I wish it went straight to this stage on me as soon as I applied it. It’s an outstanding dark sexy dominant fragrance.

  2. this one has some crazy throw for a perfume oil! It IS very dark and narcotic, the violet and suede rule for me. This is innocent violet powder corrupted by black suede opium dreams. I love it!

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