Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Our special Ghost Fire blend of ambres blanc infused white sugar with sexy swirls of jasmine aldehydes, and night flowering nardo.

6 thoughts on “Foxfire”

  1. This is a scent that manages to balance amber and white florals as the stars of the show without being “too much.” It’s nice. Unfortunately it took a teeny bit of a “nail polish remover” turn on my skin.

  2. Noticeably honeyed-floral from the the outset, unlike the gourmand opening of Ghost Fire. There’s little to identify the floral as jasmine, though, as it reads generically fruity with a bit of a sharper edge and is largely lacking in indole. The drydown is nearly identical to that of Ghost Fire’s, skipping over the foody phase straight into musky, flowery, and aquatic; maybe a smidge more sweet-sour, and with marginally better projection.

  3. This is a beautiful, universally appealing fragrance. This has a sweet, delicious base, with the top and middle being a firm whiff of a salty-ish, floral. It’s not a heavy floral–as someone with an aversion to ‘heavy white florals’, this is still refreshing and pleasant. I would categorize this as a ‘cool light sweet’, almost like a breath of wind over a lush flower garden at the edge of a sea. But on a wind in the early morning.

  4. This smelled salty on me. Sweet, salty and odd. My loved ones said I smelled somewhat sweaty. I had to scrub it.

  5. Oddly coconutty jasmine and white amber with sugar crystals. It’s pretty simple (to me) and very sweet. It’s lovely, though.

  6. Though this has more of a mainstream feel to it than a lot of indie scents. It is absolutely gorgeous. I often wore it on nights out. Brilliant throw and lasting. After sweating all makeup off in the club and onto my pillow the perfume stayed strong until I showered. It’s a gorgeous sugared floral that I think everyone should at least try a sample of.

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