Fumé Oud à la Vanille

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Crushed tonka beans, woodsmoked amber, and bourbon vanilla aged with oud wood.

3 thoughts on “Fumé Oud à la Vanille”

  1. Oud is a tricky note, I have a few Oud scents I just can’t do and I consider myself a fan. This one is lovely, maybe not as wearable as Solstice Scents Manor and quite abrasive at first application but after it settles on the skin it’s delightful and the addition of tonka was so inspired, I really love this one and highly recommend it!

  2. warm woodsy sweet oud

    Thoughts: The tonka and bourbon vanilla give the oud a glow over over hot embers. The smoke isn’t very strong imo (which I prefer) and it feels rustic at first. Once it drys down I keep sniffing at the tonka amber base.

  3. Really perfumey woodsmoke with bourbon, vanilla, and oud. The oud smells like burnt plastic on my skin though! I’ve been hoping that would settle with age, but it hasn’t yet and it’s been roughly a year or so.

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