Ghost Fire

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A preternaturally beautiful blend of ethereal white ambers.

12 thoughts on “Ghost Fire”

  1. Clean, sweet amber for the warmer months. This is one of the few I have on my Alkemia wish list that I plan on getting in the alcohol free spray.

  2. On my skin it seems Ghost Fire can’t decide which way it wants to go. Sometimes it’s sweet and vanillic. Other ttimes it’s a clean type of smell. Pure, light and sweet are very good descriptions for this perfume oil. Amber can be tricky on me, but I seem to have luck with white ambers over others. I’m going to let this rest for awhile longer and see if anything changes. This was still detectable around the 4 hour mark on me although it wears close to my skin. This may be a good pick for warmer weather. I think it’s pretty unoffensive and it’s suitable for office wear. Lol, one you can pull off when you’re not supposed to be wearing perfume at work!

    1. I let this age for a few months to see if anything developed. Ghost Fire is definitely leaning to the sweet side now. It’s like a blend of white amber, sugar and vanilla. It’s a clean sweet smell versus a gourmand sweet smell. At times I swear I can smell the tiniest whiff of almond but I still don’t consider this a foodie scent. I’m still unsure on how similar this will be to my aged Luminae (next up on my list of aged perfume oils). Ghost Fire is one of those perfume oils that you can wear year round for pretty much any occasion. To me, this is an inoffensive office friendly scent. Something in this rides the fine edge of turning to plastic on my skin but it backs off with a bit of wear time. I don’t think I’d reach for this often enough to warrant a FS. It has endless layering potential but I prefer my scents to be a bit more…complicated. This is a good white amber perfume oil to try if you’re just beginning to dip your toes into the fabulous smelling world of indie perfume.

  3. My review is for the perfume spray. Very ghostly and ethereal, whispy sweet and slightly salty. Kinda reminds me of salt water taffy. A sweet/feminine gourmand amber and a refreshing alternative to the heavy resinous amber oils I have tried before. I could easily wear Ghost Fire every day without getting sick of it. A dreamy comfort scent. The silage is amazing. Love it!

  4. First impression from a cold sniff is that of frosted cinnamon rolls; Ghost Fire is milder when applied on skin, fittingly translucent but still more gourmand-leaning than other amber notes, reading a little buttery, smoky, and spicy. Dry and vanillic tones, more in line with the ambers I know, emerge with the drydown. Hours in, the scent takes on syrupy aquatic-floral facets; I can see why comparisons range from lotus to musk-melon to pear. Every bit as elusive as its namesake.

  5. Wow, this is the best. It reminds me of creme brulee and almonds, and deepens elegantly over time. When I first smelled it, it felt like seeing a ghost that quickly disappeared, so I can see where the name comes from.

  6. Clean, soft, sweet, cool.. I love the amber in this. Would be a great scent for anyone just getting into indie perfumes.

  7. Docked a star because it is quite simplistic, but I do love smelling GF. It’s a total people-pleaser perfume. As with other white ambers, it is a totally different animal from your usual “amber” seen in other perfumes. They’re light, airy, cooling, and sugary-sweet, with a distinctly breezy quality that kind of tickles my nose. They’re not exactly like vanilla, but they are is vanillic, sometimes veering a little into VS body spray territory, though I find that that depends on the scent context and house. Alkemia’s white amber is the best I’ve smelled. Overall, GF plays nicely, giving us all of those lovely facets without smelling like cheap spray. It works excellently in the heat too, and layers beautifully with warm scents to lighten them.

  8. This is lovely! Soft and sweet, sensual skin scent. Just a simple lovely amber with good longevity. I had bad luck with its companion Foxfire, but Ghost Fire works for me.

  9. Fucking beautiful. Smells like pure white light – sweet without being cloyingly so, subtle without disappearing into the ether. Ghost Fire is just pure light sweetness, inoffensively Good.

  10. It’s a clean and sweet scent but there’s something cold about it and it gives it a sharpness. I’m not sure I’m in love with that.

  11. Quite clean, this one, but in an earthier way. It’s surprisingly sweet, a tad smoky. It’s alright, but I’m not sure if I’m a fan of amber in other perfumes, let alone on its own.

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