Haunted and Bewitched

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A spellbinding captivation of Egyptian white amber, star jasmine, ambrette seed, rosewater Turkish delight, pink pepper, Madagascar vanilla, bourbon caramels, aged patchouli infused with sexy botanical pheromones.

5 thoughts on “Haunted and Bewitched”

  1. Haunted and Bewitched is a sweet scent reminiscent of Turkish Delights indeed. The jasmine is behaving as is the rose water. I seem to gravitate towards anything of Alkemia’s with “sexy botanical pheromones” in it. This is one of those perfume oils blended so well that it ends up being so much more than the sum of it’s parts. I get whiffs of something akin to Turkish Delights and the bourbon vanilla. I can’t detect the patchouli in here and I’m a patch lover. If you’re scared of patchouli, this is a safe bet in my opinion. In the final dry down on my skin I keep getting hints of a familiar childhood smell…Juicy Fruit stick gum! Lol, thank you skin chemistry. I would call this a sweet gourmand scent for sure. I sampled this on a whim thinking it probably wouldn’t work out (due to the jasmine and rose water notes) but happily it did. This fades considerably around the 4 hour mark on my skin and I can only smell it on me at the 5 hour mark if I stick my nose to my skin. I want a FS of this but I really hope they have an Ultime version available. At this point I’m game to try any floral Sharra creates. Nobody does floral scents like this woman. I’ve had hit after hit when so many others reek havoc on my allergies. I know it all depends on individual chemistry but this is a winner for me. I never would’ve found this gem without being able to sample it. Really happy Alkemia offers samples for purchase. It makes it easier to test scents out of your comfort zone. This will be nice in the warm weather but I don’t exactly follow the usual fragrance etiquette. I wear what I feel like year round. If you’re transitioning from mainstream fragrance to indie stuff, I’d recommend Haunted and Bewitched as a good one to start out with if the notes suit your tastes.

  2. This is a beautiful gourmand Turkish Delight inspired scent, it’s powdery, deep and complex. Multiple layers of gourmand goodness unfolding like the petals of a rose. The silage is great and it lasts all day on my skin.

  3. Sweet and sharp at once, Haunted & Bewitched opens with peppery florals and mild ambers on a caramelic base, with a whisper of something citrusy on top. Heavier on the tea as it dries down, it bears a passing resemblance to Madam Pearl at this stage. The late dominance of rose, ambrette, and vanilla ruins the likeness by giving the scent a distinct mustiness, swallowing the short-lived star jasmine note and tipping the scent into cloying. Saccharine but somehow not as gourmand as expected.

  4. This smells like a Victorian afternoon tea, held in a rose garden and serving vanilla cupcake and like almond biscuits. Upfront is friendly, gourmand notes. The jasmine arrives in the dry down.

    To me, this would make the wearer seem approproachble. Excellent longevity in ultime.

  5. Patchouli can be okay on me sometimes, and other times it can cause an allergic reaction in my breathing. Also it sometimes reads as mold to me, or drowns out everything else. No such troubles occur with this perfume.

    It’s so light, almost gauzy if a perfume can be described that way? Like candied flowers, in a good way. I definitely smell the candy-rose smell of the Turkish delight. If this is indeed a haunting, it’s a sweet ghost who really wants to romance the person they’re haunting, like in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

    Unlike some perfumes with bourbon, I can’t actually detect a specific boozy note, and this perfume is so delicate that I don’t think it would overwhelm me even if I could pick it out.

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