Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A powerfully sexy conjuration of frangiapani and night-blooming Moroccan flowers, all-spice, black tea, Madagascar vanilla, Tonka, sweet benzoin resin, black amber, frankincense, vetiver, and a drop of patchouli. Complex. Arousing.

6 thoughts on “Hex”

  1. No ma’am…the patchouli and frankincense in this killed it. I was trying to see if it’s truly frankincense and patchouli that I don’t like in fragrances, and it is. I can stand to smell the actual essential oils, but the scented fragrance oils of those two notes is just a NO GO. Smells like Christmas and a head shop.

  2. I’m on an Alkemia floral kick lately and it seems they’re all working. Hex and my skin chemistry work amazingly well together. This wasn’t something that I would’ve picked out on my own but I am very happy that I tried it out. Everything just blends together so well on my skin. Something in this reminds me of Nag Champa incense but…not. I don’t know how to explain it well, NC minus the smoke? Hex packs quite a punch and I suggest starting out with a light hand until you know that this works on you. I really enjoy this and it comes across as a resinous floral on my skin. This is still going strong at the 8 hour mark on me.

    1. Errr after several testings of this perfume oil I’m thinking it’s not worthy of a FS. I do believe the amber is wanting to go to powder on me. I think I initially dug this because the end stage of this (when that awful powder note finally goes away) smells like Vamp. Vamp is still my #1 love from Alkemia and Hex just can’t compete. Gah, the effing ambers just murder all of my hopes and dreams. I still dig the final dry down but the journey to get there stinks.

  3. I can definitely see how this one can be compared to a vintage scent.. it’s odd/ and complex there’s a lot going on and it’s tricky. The dry down compares to Obsession?.. took a minute to get there. I’m shook by this perfume, and have a FS.. so I’m gonna mess around and mix it with incantation vanille and arabesque 🙂

  4. Powerful. A very traditional vintage scent. My BF and I joked that it smelled like “being slapped in the face by Grandma’s Handbag”. Musty florals, dark incense, warm skin musk, and a powerful ‘Youth Dew’ patchouli somewhere in the mix.
    Weirdly unsettling—like smelling someone’s body rather than a scent!

  5. This didn’t work on my skin at all. The first blast is dank, musty earth notes and then some sweet-ish florals. On my sister this smells like spicy flowers with a rich, resin-y base.

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