Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Sweat stained black leather, night air, a dirt road under galloping hooves, tobacco, bloodstained lace, gunpowder.

1 thought on “Highwayman”

  1. I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!! It’s so smokey but it’s not just the typical BBQ smoke scent that I would expect from a perfume with these notes. All the notes I can smell, even the slight mustiness of the ‘bloodstained lace’. It certainly leans more traditionally masculine, but it’s so startlingly realistic it’s not even apparent. This is excellent on it’s own, but even better when layered with other fragrances, my favorite to layer being Drakon, with it’s equally smokey incense notes reminds me of a crystal store or as my friend says, reminds her of her local Pagan Festival. All around an excellent fragrance, and one of my many favorites from Alkemia 🙂

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