Industrial Sabotage

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A cataclysmic wreckage of burnt wires; twisted melted steel; shattered machinery, and gunpowder.

3 thoughts on “Industrial Sabotage”

  1. This is amazing. My husband can detect the motor oil. To me it was a beautiful blend of black licorice, ‘elbow grease’ as it is raw.. and copper/ his uniform. Maybe dust and sweat lol.. idk?. Yummm. On his skin.. man oh man. Drool

  2. Powdery metal- black licorice ?… Very metallic and oily? Asphalt Pavement? I love this it reminds me of what the description is all about. An industrial worksite with machinery around. I bought this for my boyfriend who wanted something that smells like a hot computer but this isn’t quite the one.. I don’t really smell “hot wires” like the description. A hit with him still.

  3. It smells pretty much exactly as described, and is way too bizarre for me to actually warrant wearing. If you have a specific use for it though, it would be great.

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