Lilacs Along the Winding Drive

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: An olfactory portrait of a May evening…. lilac bushes heavy and purple with blooms, a gentle breeze after light spring rain, a dusty pebbled driveway, a slightly rusty porch swing, and a small handful of late blooming violets.

Released: The Wanderer’s Journal Collection

6 thoughts on “Lilacs Along the Winding Drive”

  1. Lilacs are very nostalgic for me, lilac bushes surrounded my childhood home. That narcotic drowsing sweetness permeates my youth. It is VERY hard to find a good lilac scent. This is the best. It actually reminds me most of how the lilacs smelled after a good rain. This one rends my heart…Beautiful!

  2. God, this is beautiful. Rainy violets and lilac. I don’t get powdery or metallic notes from this at all. It stays fresh and floral throughout.

  3. This is mostly floral. I can make out both the violet and the lilac. I sometimes catch a whiff of a metallic smell, that may be the porch swing? It don’t get the other notes so I would put this in with more traditional floral perfumes, it is very lovely.

  4. This one opens with the NICEST “cold stone after rain” accord with vaguely sweet florals in the background, but my skin amps the lilac up to 10. Couple that with violet, and you get old lady powder on cold concrete. It’s interesting, but it loses the freshness that I love OOB.

  5. This is a powdery floral to me, somewhat old-fashioned and reminding me of a polished and proper lady. I amp violets, so it’s mostly violet and lilac on my skin. The other notes stay in the background, giving this scent a fresh quality.

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