Mesnée d’Hellequin

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Cypress, Cedar, Teakwood, Vetiver, Galbanum, Balsam Pine, Lichen, Moss, Labdanum, Dried Leaves, Damp Earth, and Forest Fungi.

1 thought on “Mesnée d’Hellequin”

  1. The pine starts out strongly, like it opens up your sinuses and then gradually fades as the scent develops, revealing other woods in the background, especially cedar. I don’t pick up on much of the forest floor notes as much as the tree wood, and the longer it’s on my skin, the more it smells sweet, golden, and viscous like some kind of sap. It’s a potent but light scent that lasts for 3 hours on me. I personally favor the stage at which it smells most like a cedar chest, which is about an hour after application. I’m not a fan of the last scent that lingers, though; I think it’s too sweet. All in all, I won’t be purchasing this scent again, but I think it has some intriguing moments, and if you enjoy pine and cedar scents, this would be worth trying out!

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