Midnight Garden

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A lunar intoxication of night-flowering white flowers – tuberose (flower of dangerous pleasures), lily (flower of majestic beauty), honeysuckle (flower of binding love), gardenia (flower of secret passions) and moonflower (flower that inspires dreams of love). Hauntingly beautiful.

6 thoughts on “Midnight Garden”

  1. What a beautiful white floral! This one puts every other white floral fragrance I’ve ever loved to shame. Heady without being cloying, indolic without being too skanky or raunchy. It’s just perfectly blended, honeysuckle, tuberose, gardenia and Lily. The big banana bubblegum tuberose is the strongest note at first application but after a few minutes, I can easily pick out the others. This so dreamy and romantic and it makes me completely giddy. Also, it’s super duper strong! Massive silage, incredible longevity.

  2. As expected of a blend consisting of narcotic florals, indole is present in this one and never quite leaves it. Tuberose may dominate the projection, reading rich and buttery, but I find the gardenia and lily to be more discernable in their sharpness (the former with a greener aspect and the latter leaning aquatic). Midnight Garden becomes sweeter and muskier with wear, with datura finally detectable as sweet, watery tones (a little like melon or even cucumber) that dry down much sharper; this final phase is much too aquatic for my liking.

  3. Tuberose city! I think you’d *really* have to like tuberose to get enjoyment out of this, because that’s primarily what it is. The lily is definitely in there, but tuberose is the star of the show. I adore this.

  4. This is one I tend to forget I have or shy away from since it’s only flowers. Just a bunch of flowers, no heavier basenotes. And in the bottle, it is a little screechy and powdery. But on, I get the most lovely, dewy, pristine, delicate blooms sparkling like stars. Slightly musky gardenia is the most prominent, then tuberose and honeysuckle, but they all mix and mingle and complement each other so they are difficult to separate. MG is beautiful, in an almost fairy-like way. Just so pretty and feminine!

  5. Initially, I thought it smelled powdery so I was a bit put off, but it softened fairly quickly to a more sweet, purely floral scent. There’s no jasmine listed in this, but it took me back to my childhood days when I spent hours making chains out of white jasmine flowers in my grandmother’s garden. It’s also very long lasting- I put on a dab in the morning, and throughout the night I was still catching whiffs of it. It’s almost cloyingly sweet at points, and feels very hazy. There aren’t any sharp notes to cut through all the floral scents. Overall, it was a bit too sweet for me, and it didn’t feel fresh or young enough for me to want to wear it often.

  6. A strongly tuberose scent that matures through the day to highlight the rest of the florals in a beautiful mixture. A great perfume for someone who like honeysuckle and complex floral scents.

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