Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A heavenly blend of fresh young coconut and Madagascar vanilla with hints of Monoi Tiare. As innocently seductive as the slow trace of an angel’s wing over bare skin.

4 thoughts on “Paradise”

  1. Very lovely, a simple sweet coconut that reminds me of VS Coconut Passion. Actually the tonka reminds me more of a Hawaiian Tropic body spray I absolutely loved called Golden Paradise. And including tonka in a vanilla/coconut scent is genius! The silage isn’t as strong as my other Alkemia scents, and neither is the longevity but it’s nice for hot days when that doesn’t matter as much

  2. Paradise smells like it’s named, like paradise. It’s warm and sweet without being really gourmandy, I’m not normally too much of a coconut person but this scent is so pretty and will be great for summer, since most of my scents are autumnal this will be a nice addition to my small summer scent collection!

  3. Creamy coconut and vanilla. It reminds me of sweet coconut water. It’s pretty faint but meant for hotter weather. I bought a FS of this scent.

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