The Raven

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A midnight elixir of shadows and mystery blended at the dark of the moon – ebony heartwood, black amber, piper nigrum, blackseed (habbatul barakah), black Bengal cardamon, black ink, nigella (black coriander), black iris, violet leaves, and leather.

5 thoughts on “The Raven”

  1. If I’m not sure what I want to wear, this is pretty much unerringly a good choice for me. The ink is the foremost note, to my nose. The leather and spice are fairly prominent underneath that. I’m not really sure if I’m catching floral notes at all but there is a softness here that I associate with florals. Despite the black amber I never find this powdery. There’s a smooth, cool, glossy smell to this. This is a major HG scent for me, and if I could only have 5 scents for the rest of my life this would make the list.

  2. If you are looking for a black leather jacket type leather scent this is it. It smells like a black leather on a cold night in a moonlit garden full of night blooming flowers. The purple floral notes are not too intense and I would say they lean masculine anyway. This is one of my top two favorite leather scents

  3. Spicy peppery deep dark purple irises! I got a really nice burst of pepper that dies down quick and then mellows out into a loooovely smooth leathery iris and black pen ink. Kind of dark floral but so deep and balanced and just DANG! YES! This is what I want to smell like! …And then my husband said I smelled like bathroom chemicals, so I guess it isn’t for everyone.

  4. This doesn’t last too long on me but it’s nice, it’s interesting. The strongest note is definitely the leather, but there’s a nice dry, unisex, study-like scent. It’s not sweet, but not herbal either…it’s kinda papery but in a very atmospheric way. Makes me think of a dark, wooden study, filled with old, dry books, and a worn leather armchair and blotter.

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