Road to Hana

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A serene journey of rare Anji white tea leaves delicately infused with young ginger root, gingerflowers, and ambrette muskmallow seed.

Released: The Wanderer’s Journal Collection

3 thoughts on “Road to Hana”

  1. very bright, fizzy and refreshing, white tea, light but pungent florals, in the drydown I get the sharp earth animalic-ness of the ambrette and tinges of musk. Super excellent. This would be very nice in warmer weather.

  2. Smells exactly like ginger ale. It’s sparkling, very ginger-like. Still, it’s a bit more sophisticated than just ginger ale. There’s a floral quality to it, a little herbal quality coming through as well. It’s very fresh and light, but it stays close to the skin. It’s an extremely interesting scent.

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