Sailing to Byzantium

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description:  A 19th century gentleman scholar’s blend of dried ivy leaves, lotus root, and oakmoss; a nostalgic whisper of Provence lavender, tonka, and mist soaked tweed warmed by green cardamon; a quiet rumination of rare incense woods; and the papyrus paper, soft leather, and ink from a worn travel journal.

Released: The Celtic Twilight Collection

3 thoughts on “Sailing to Byzantium”

  1. GREEN!!! This is such a lovely green scent and I absolutely love it, although I don’t get much other than the blast of greens. I get a little papyrus and incense in the base, but not much else.

  2. I don’t get the incense. Mainly I tend to get a sort of lavender and other herbs scent, an oceanic note (definitely a little salty and seaweed/kelp), a bit of the tweed note, and more lightly the paper, ink, and leather.

  3. Leather! Wearing a leather jacket on a wet spring day, murky green things just starting to announce themselves. After a minute the ivy and oakmoss come out, with something ozone-y that kind of reminds me of how my air purifier filters smell when it comes straight out of the package. Would suit all genders quite nicely. On me, faded quickly after a few hours.

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