Silken Tent

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Candied angelica, chrysanthemums, white flowering Nardo, clove flowers, jasmine-scented rice pudding, blonde caramel, infused with golden amber.

12 thoughts on “Silken Tent”

  1. Smells like rice pudding and buttered popcorn and something cool and wispy. It’s intoxicating but not overwhelming. Really does smell like a night at a mysterious circus.

  2. Reminds me a bit of La Belle by JPG, but without the freshness. Sadly, this smells so strongly of playdough on me, which wasn’t exactly what I was going for..

  3. Smells so beautiful! I’ve never smelled anything like it. While I can see why ppl compare it to designer mainstream perfumes, to me there’s still something unique about it. Many designers go screechy & synthetic on my skin, but Silken Tent stays luxuriously smooth on me. There’s also something in ST that makes me “crave” to wear it, which I never get from designer scents (they usually smell “perfumey” which bothers my nose). To put it in simpler terms, ST is exactly like smooth silk on me, while designers are like polyester LOL.

    1. Oh forgot to mention, I have the Ultime format. It’s strong on me for sure but mellows throughout the day. Still pulls compliments even when I go noseblind to it though haha. What I detect the most is the rice pudding & caramel, and the white florals support it in the background. White florals typically tend to go sickly sweet on my skin, but this doesn’t do that which I appreciate.

  4. It smells good, but it’s typical. You don’t shop indie for typical, I’m just highly disappointed in Alkemia….

  5. This perfume oil reminds me of a mainstream perfume but the name escapes me. I’m not fond of something in this for the first several hours of wear. I’m unsure of what the offending note is but it’s not working with my chemistry. The final dry down is lovely but I’m undecided due to the long journey to get there. I was initially worried that the chrysanthemum would come across as a funeral home type of smell. I will always associate the chrysanthemum flower smell with funeral homes. Thankfully it’s not a dominant note in the blend on my skin. I’m unfamiliar with both the nardo and the angelica notes although I suspect the golden amber in the blend is what’s going wrong on my skin. I’m going to rest my vial for awhile longer and come back to it to see if anything improves.

    1. At 8 hours this is gone on my wrists but still going strong in the bends of my elbows, which is a rather impressive wear time for me personally. I bet the Ultime version of this has superb staying power although I think extrait version has some pretty good longevity. I wish this morphed straight into it’s final stage of the dry down immediately on me.

  6. I love this scent! it’s top 5 Alkemia for me 🙂 it reminds me a bit of Kenzo Amour but maybe not as powdery. It’s sweet, heavenly, comfort in a bottle, very romantic smelling to me. Highly recommend if you are a fan of tuberose or gourmands. I have the ultime, but even the regular formula is very powerful, it lasts on my skin all day and has quite noticible/powerful silage for an oil

  7. I just received this so I’ll have to let this age longer and try it again- but immediately on it smells extremely similar to “Hot couture” by Givenchy which is a scent I’m very familiar with as my sister loved and wore it all the time and I have a big bottle of it myself (I bought during my Idk what I’m doing, I’ll just copy-sister phase). It’s toned down- not as in your face strong or chemical.. Although they don’t really share the same notes the resemblance to me is uncanny.

    Silken tent is beautiful – very sweet and feminine, smells expensive and has a creamy touch to it- It’s like creamy toned down amber and cotton-candy- to turning up a bit more floral- then as it fades out more I smell sweet creamy caramel while keeping the floral notes. Currently the scent fades rather quickly and ends up wearing close to the skin like a lot of Alkemia fragrances (but again, my current sample is new.)

  8. I can’t pick out the individual notes — it’s a scent that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s warm and complex. There’s a gourmand vibe from the angelica and the caramel, a floral vibe, and an amber vibe. Overall, it’s a softly floral gourmand with a richness from the amber. Very elevated and well blended. Bought a full size.

  9. I think “jasmine scented rice pudding” describes this perfectly. It’s a lovely evening scent but has a little bit of an edge that I wasn’t fond of.

  10. It’s a bone dry white flower, crystallized in a shard of caramel. The amber is elevated and pairs nicely with the caramel, sweetening the papery, pressed florals of yesteryear. It’s very elegant and wispy. I picture the muse for this scent in parched, white muslin.

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