4 thoughts on “Vert Sur Le Vert”

  1. As soon as I apply this perfume oil to my skin, I can smell the tomato leaf. Sadly it’s fleeting and disappears into a fresh green smell. It’s not a green smell like grass (at least it doesn’t smell like the grass where I live) or a green like stems either. It’s more of a fresh green smell off the leaves of the first blooming flowers of spring. As this wears on my skin it leans floral. I know there’s no mention of flowers but I get a fresh green floral smell that I associate with spring. Tulips or daffodils or some other non offending first bloom. It’s nice but unexpected from the scent description on both the Alkemia and Etsy sites. The longer this wears the more “floral” it becomes. This oil lasts about 4 hours maximum on me. I wish the tomato leaf note stuck around longer. This isn’t my usual jam but Vert Sur le Vert was an unexpected like. I just keep circling back to this reminding me of the first flowers of spring with their green leaves included.

  2. A freshly-mown lawn… and nothing else, on me anyway. The tomato leaf mentioned in the Etsy listing (and not in the notes) is nowhere to be found. I’m not terribly sure I want to smell like a lawn, but I’ve held onto my sample because it’s SUCH a realistic cut-grass scent that I want to be able to smell it in the depths of winter.

  3. One of my all time favorites, and a new favorite! Tomato leaf and fresh greens? It reminds me a lot of freshly-mowed grass. It’s so pretty and uplifting. A perfume I ALWAYS go back to. My boyfriend became a huge of this out of the bag too and loves to smell/wear it.

  4. Lots of greenery and grasses with a little bit of the tomato leaf that I was hoping for poking through. It’s a refreshing blend of new growth greens as opposed to full grown greens, if that makes sense. Something about this is magical. I love me some green scents, so this is excellent. Definitely something that’ll be nice to wear when welcoming spring after a long winter.

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