3 thoughts on “Vert Sur Le Vert”

  1. A freshly-mown lawn… and nothing else, on me anyway. The tomato leaf mentioned in the Etsy listing (and not in the notes) is nowhere to be found. I’m not terribly sure I want to smell like a lawn, but I’ve held onto my sample because it’s SUCH a realistic cut-grass scent that I want to be able to smell it in the depths of winter.

  2. One of my all time favorites, and a new favorite! Tomato leaf and fresh greens? It reminds me a lot of freshly-mowed grass. It’s so pretty and uplifting. A perfume I ALWAYS go back to. My boyfriend became a huge of this out of the bag too and loves to smell/wear it.

  3. Lots of greenery and grasses with a little bit of the tomato leaf that I was hoping for poking through. It’s a refreshing blend of new growth greens as opposed to full grown greens, if that makes sense. Something about this is magical. I love me some green scents, so this is excellent. Definitely something that’ll be nice to wear when welcoming spring after a long winter.

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