Yellow Book

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A licentious concoction of dry amber, blonde tobacco, naughtily spiced aldehydes, the leather binding of erotic novels, dark chilis provocatively soaked in spiced rum, saffron, white coffee, yuzu, peppered benzoin, and drop of wild honey.

Released: The Decadents Collection

7 thoughts on “Yellow Book”

  1. Yellow Book was a sample included in my last Alkemia order. I NEVER would’ve tried this on my own. Between the aldehydes, dark chilies and the leather, I was sure it wouldn’t jive with my chemistry. I’m amazed at how much I like YB. It leans to the masculine side for sure but I think a man or a woman could rock this. I get the Irish Spring reference made by others. In the beginning of wear time, I get a slight Irish Spring vibe that vanishes as the spices develop. On a side note, the Alkemia scent that bitch slaps me in the face with that Irish Spring smell is Sultan’s Reverie. Once this perfume oil settles on my skin it becomes a bit more perfumed and feminine. I think it’s my skin chemistry. Many of the masculine scents that I own tend to morph more to the feminine as the mesh with my chemistry. The overall fragrance of this is hard to put into words. It’s blended so well that I can’t really pick up on any notes even after knowing what they are! I said it before and I’ll say it again…Sharra has a gift when it comes to blending. I repeatedly find myself falling for scents that I usually avoid. I’m very thankful that Alkemia gifted me with this sample vial in my order. No way I would’ve tried this bad boy on my own. Spicy, masculine, comforting. Yellow Book has won me over.

  2. Coffee! I’m surprised no other reviews mention the coffee, because it’s the star of the show for me. Not sweet coffee, just with a drop of honey, but there’s other spices coming through, nicely dry and toasted. Alkemia describes this scent as “licentious”, which doesn’t exactly feel like the right mood for this. To me it conjures the image of sitting in the office of a Victorian trading merchant, as imagined by Penzeys Spices– very proper, wood-paneling, with the smell of coffee and spices still lingering.

  3. I like it, but like others have said. It’s kind of masculine, so not sure if I should go back for it. That’s foolish though I guess. I usually go for unisex fragrances as I am not the girliest of girls. It’s on my Alkemia wishlist.

  4. As noted in another review, there is something very Irish Spring about this scent in the beginning. I’m guessing it’s the aldehydes? Once it dries down it’s a soft (but not powdery), leathery, tobacco with a bit of an herbal edge. I never would have picked this one out for myself from reading the notes, but it’s lovely.

  5. Goo goo Gaga, this is my skin but better scent. It’s just Spicy, warm, not over powering on the leather, HUGE plus, it just gives it a nice rounded edge and keeps it from going too ‘burley’ I’m really pleased with this one, and purchased in a rollerball// probably will become my purse perfume because it became one of my favorites, and it’s just so easy to grab and wear.

  6. The moment I put it on it was like old school, spicy men’s cologne. Within a few minutes it died down to spice, worn leather furniture, and if my nose isn’t right up against my wrist I can smell paper. Old paper, that’s been bathed in a tobacco-lover’s office for a long time. I think I smell like a weathered PI from an old black and white movie/show– Dick Tracy? I like it! But I’m thinking this might be a “must be in the right mood” scent for me. Honestly, it makes me feel like a semi-retired badass who will come out of retirement to kick someone’s butt if need be.

    This one is pretty boozy on me, but in a way that I personally find cozy. My partner thinks it smells like straight-up booze and incense, though, so take that as you will.

  7. Comes on super green and fresh like men’s deodorant… I wonder what it is? When it calms down I do get the honey, tobacco and a little leather. There is a healthy dash of pepper (or maybe it’s the chilis) I get over everything that spices up the blend, gratefully adding a bit of intrigue . Other than that, it did feel like a pretty generic masculine scent. Comforting in that sense, and well blended, but I found this fit a mainstream type that I already have tried many times.

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