Del Ray


Scent Description: This is my take on the inspiration that is, lana del ray, honey just wasn’t enough to accompany two types of jasmine. both jasmines contain a quiet indole but once again it does not go mothy, at least on me. i made a hefty base of soft clear vintage egyptian style musk and then made the whole thing incredibly approachable with toasted marshmallows. all notes weave in and out as you wear it but the jasmine is most certainly the main act.

2 thoughts on “Del Ray”

  1. I like this, though I mainly got it because, LANA DEL REY. I get a popcorn image when first applied, must be the buttery note mentionned above. Buttery, popcorny jasmin.

  2. Very buttery when just applied, with strong wafts of jasmine. It calms down as it dries, and all the notes play off each other really nicely. To me this is a very playful scent.

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