2 thoughts on “Dreamlands”

  1. This smells like a nice spa. The exact smell of walking into a fancy spa. I LOVE IT! It also leans a little masculine. Not really masculine. More like nice cologne. I don’t even know how else to describe this but it’s amazing.

  2. …Cucumber. Not fully cucumber-melon but a little bit. But like a nicer, grown up cucumber, for me. I kind of always have a nose read of “fog” or mist as a little cucumber-y which does make sense – you associate cucumbers with being chilled and they’re very wet. Lots of water in a cucumber.

    Sorry. I do find this relaxing. It has a very nice vibe – Miss Misery is like being chill on a gloomy day by not moving or doing anything, but Dreamlands is a misty morning spent relaxing in Shavasana outside after a sunrise yoga session at a beautiful mountain retreat. The world is quiet and your limbs are loose and you’re probably wearing all white like a lady in a tampon commercial. the only sounds out there are your breathing and maybe the birds out in the distance and some windchimes hung from the gabled roof of the yoga retreat. It’s got throw, but that’s fine because you just did yoga and you’ll be getting a massage and after that you’re going to have a nice smoothie, as a treat.

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