The Empress

Brand: Andromeda’s Curse

Scent Description: Apples (Green and Red), Brown Sugar, Fig, Pie crust, Nutmeg, Vanilla

5 thoughts on “The Empress”

  1. It promises apple pie and it delivers. That’s apple pie. Greener on the apples, which keeps it from being cloying. I like it, but it smells a bit like a Yankee Candle to me.

  2. You can really smell the different varieties of apples (mostly green, in my opinion) as well as the brown sugar, vanilla, and lightly-spiced crust. This is just a good pastry scent.

  3. Opens with the apple & for a while I’m not sure I like it but then the pie crust, brown sugar, fig & vanilla come in & it’s really gorgeous, cosy warm & almost edible

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