Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

The canvas of genetic modification, not so easily obtained but so easily abused; red apple skin, a pour of dark cabernet, raw addictive tobacco, sage, and sinister vetiver. Keep an eye out for sea slugs.

Notes: apple, red wine, tobacco, sage, vetiver

Released: Bioshock Collection

2 thoughts on “Adam”

  1. This is fascinating! The red apple note is really good, but the wine underneath adds a sultry fermented grape quality which is just subtle enough to be intriguing. I don’t get any vetiver (which is great for me as vetiver hates me), and there is a sprinkle of sage coming through that brightens the scent and makes it more spicy (actually, that might be sage in combo with the tobacco, but the tobacco isn’t adding any syrupiness which is probably good, just a nice tea-like darkness underneath the fruitiness). I like it, it seems more unisex than masculine to me.

  2. Tart and fruity apple with tobacco. Dries to an earthy and masculine scent. Similar to Poesie’s Watson but fruitier and earthier.

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