Big Daddy

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Bang on those vents and collect your charges, you’re an Alpha Series protector now – a “lumbering palooka” in a worn leather diving suit lined with suede, sandalwood, spicy vetiver, cotton, and a wisp of an extinguished flame for the life you left behind. Big-ass drill not included.

Notes: leather, suede, sandalwood, vetiver, cotton, smoke

Released: Bioshock Collection

2 thoughts on “Big Daddy”

  1. Wow! It’s a punch of suede and leather upfront, but the cotton adds a very “new” quality, and almost a new car smell quality but unique. This one is really interesting and alluring. The smoke aspect doesn’t smell super smoky to me as it does like it’s a fire that’s been out for a while, so there’s still that woody-ashy quality adding some gruffness. The chocolate doesn’t come through, but I’m okay with it. There’s a spiciness somewhere that’s super nice. This scent is really wearable and sophisticated.

  2. Leather and vetiver in the bottle, but changes to a musky sandalwood on my skin. Dries down to a cozy smoke and cotton scent.

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