Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Build up your Fate Energy meter with the souls of those you vanquished and get ready for a total annihilation of the senses – mighty strawberries and overwhelming raspberries, a squeeze of energetic citrus, commanding coconut, tropical melon, meteoric heliotrope, lavender, and a finishing move of leather soaked with a fighter’s musk.

Notes: strawberry, raspberry, citrus zest, coconut, melon, heliotrope, lavender, leather, musk

Released: Kingdoms of Amalur Collection

1 thought on “Reckoning”

  1. SO GOOD! For a long while it’s extremely tart and fruity, but still sweet, like red and pink Starburst candy! After around 5 or 6 hours it mellows and a light floral scent emerges.The citrus and Starburst scent are still present in the background. The leather is there but isn’t strong and adds depth to this fruity scent. I walked in the park in 95F heat while wearing this and still smelled great afterwards! I LOVE this and am sad it was discontinued.

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