The Summer Court

Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Embrace the lazy days in the Gardens of Ysa where the Summer Fae thrive. Sunny coumarin, hazy honey, freshly-mown hay, juicy watermelon with a hint of green rind, citrusy cedarwood, fuzzy amber, gnarled sandalwood, and soft earth beneath your bare feet.

Notes: coumarin, honey, hay, watermelon, citrus rind, cedar, amber, sandalwood, sand

Released: Kingdoms of Amalur Collection

1 thought on “The Summer Court”

  1. Reminds me of Alkemia’s Mist Becoming Rain, this has a very similar overall profile in that there’s a very fresh, aquatic quality to it. I definitely get sweet honey (but it doesn’t read powdery, which is nice) and coumarin and hay upfront, and I can get the vaguest hints of juicy watermelon and rind underneath. The cedar is prominent but it doesn’t read cedar classically…I’m not sure how to explain it. I suppose it just adds a sophisticated woody musk overall? And amber and sandalwood definitely make it fuzzier and cozier. Overall it’s a pretty scent, but something in it is very clean that throws off the balance slightly. The coumarin, honey, and hay are strongest though, which I really like.

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