Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

DEADLY SEXY (ha, get it?) – thick, intoxicating brown sugar, milky fig, bourbon in your coffee, vanilla, marshmallows, hazelnut, sensual musk; before you can think straight – a blue rose blooms through, and is tempered by a trace of naughty, salty sweat. Embrace eternity.

NOTES – brown sugar, bourbon, rose, vanilla, hazelnut, fig, coffee, marshmallow, musk

Released: Mass Effect Collection

1 thought on “Ardat-Yakshi”

  1. Ooo, this is a nice combo of scents. Strongest to me are the syrupy bourbon, brown sugar-vanilla combo, lots of musk, a sprinkle of hazelnut, and saltiness (I love that the saltiness is coming through). The musk is pretty powerful, which seems like it might be intentional, but it does leave the scent reading a bit clean. And as it sits the rose starts to peek through, adding a subtle pillowy floral quality. The rose tries to take a dominant place in the scent after a while. Overall, it reads musky rose with bourbon-vanilla-brown sugar-hazelnut. It reminds me a little bit of Solstice Scents Cardamom Rose Sugar.

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