Brand: Area of Effect Perfumery

Scent Description:

Tap into your Element Zero stores and harness the embodiment of telekinetic power – a singularity of fresh green melon, a slam of untamed ocean waves, a shockwave of bright aldehydes, a charge of lime juice, a coconut in stasis, and the pull of gingered raspberry with a kick of mint.

NOTES – melon, ocean, gin & tonic, lime, coconut, raspberry, ginger, mint

Released: Mass Effect Collection

1 thought on “Biotic”

  1. On me this was a STRONG punch of ginger and lime. I did get a melon and ocean scent at first, but it either faded quickly or was overwhelmed by the ginger and lime. It wasn’t a bad scent but that ginger was too strong for my preference. I’d say this was just ok.

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