A Haunting We Shall Go

Brand: Astrid Perfume

Scent Description:

Gallivanting and spooking deliciously.

Pumpkin doughnut, gingersnap cookie, cinnamon streusel, maple sugar, pumpkin puree, bourbon, vanilla shortbread, and woodsmoke.

2 thoughts on “A Haunting We Shall Go”

  1. This review is for 🍋Pink Lemonade🍓

    Notes: raspberry, strawberry and lemonade

    This is my first foray into Astrid Perfume. I’ve been wanting to try out Carousel but I always seem to miss it when it becomes available. I’ve read many good things about her lemon scents so I figured that I’d give Pink Lemonade a whirl. I immediately get a burst of tart lemon on my skin. Thank god it’s not going to cleaner on me. The raspberry and strawberry add a sugary sweetness and it seems that the three notes of lemonade, raspberry and strawberry are forming a perfect synergy with my chemistry. This is much sweeter than I imagined but I don’t mind it in the least. My one complaint is that Pink Lemonade fades considerably within the first hour on me and ends up becoming a close to the skin type of scent. Personally, my skin gobbles up scent so YMMV. I think that citrus notes, at least on me, are the first ones to fade in a scent. At around 90 minutes or so the lemonade fades out and the raspberry and strawberry are meshed into a berry scent. Berry notes tend to go artificial and plasticky on me and that’s happening here. Strangely, it’s reminding me of the Strawberry Shortcake Doll of the 1980’s…hehe I’m showing my age. It’s nostalgic to me and muted enough for me to like it. I think the tart lemonade and the sugary berries cancel out the worst aspects of each other that tend to pop on my skin and highlighting the favorable. I really enjoy the lemonade note from Pink Lemonade. Now that I know Astrid’s lemon won’t go to cleaner on me, it makes me even more determined to get my hands on Carouse…which reviewers claim smells like lemon cotton candy. If it’s anything like Pink Lemonade, then it will be good.
    ***I’ve been layering Pink Lemonade perfume oil on top of HoG’s Zazz pumpkin butter and the oil is masking the citrus cleaner twang of the pumpkin butter.

  2. It’s pretty much what’s on the tin. Early on, I get everything but maybe the bourbon and vanilla shortbread. Not too smoky at all, either, which I do love in my fall scents but want a bit of a break from once in a while. Super solid Falloween gourmand. The doughnut is good, not too doughy or bready at all. It’s a top note-y whiff of fried goodness with hint of icing. Mostly I just get ‘All The Awesome Autumnal Baked Goods’ from this. Comes off pretty aggressive on bottle sniff, but on skin it wears much more reasonably. I’m not bouf-ing Halloween candle like I feared I might be just from what wafted up when I opened this. Lasted a solid 6 hours on me before I had to take a shower to get ready to go somewhere. It was still going strong then and I think it had a few more hours in it, easy. For me, this one’s a total win!

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