Black Velvet

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: A new twist on Lavender essential oil sweetened with vanilla & spiced up with a splash of CocoaPink’s amber blend.

4 thoughts on “Black Velvet”

  1. I usually dislike anything remotely foody, but while it smells very vanilla, it’s really velvety and sexy. It uses vanilla in a way that is not foody at all. It smells very silky soft and relaxing from the lavender note and amber, which are definitely behind the vanilla, but they play a big role nonetheless.

  2. I definitely get vanilla from this and I like it a lot. It’s vaguely sweet, and the lavender isn’t sharp. Which is good, I generally hate lavender because I grew up with very sharp lavender soap. I can’t pick out the lavender all that well though, it’s well blended. So if you’re looking for a strong lavender scent, this isn’t it. My partner likes this a lot. I wouldn’t describe it as sexy in the way that mainstream perfumes would, but more like “Yes, this makes me smell very lickable” without being aggressively gourmand. As it dries down the lavender starts to peek out, but it’s more vanilla dominant. I think the amber is making the vanilla less desserty though. 4/5 because I wish the lavender was more apparent.

  3. I really like Black Velvet. It’s not sweet, and the lavender isn’t in your face. I mostly get vanilla with light resinous amber. The vanilla is there as a supporting actor, making it deeper.

    It’s my favorite Cocoa Pink scent I’ve tried.

  4. I love CP’s black note, so I also have an overall positive impression of this scent. However, I think the lavender and other notes have a hard time getting noticed through the black. Would love to see if this is different in another format (I tried the oil).

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