Black Voodoo

Brand: Cocoa Pink

Scent Description: black, spiritueuse double vanilla, butterscotch, bourbon vanilla, hot butter rum & coconut crème.

3 thoughts on “Black Voodoo”

  1. Just a sniff from the bottle and it is delicious! On skin the butterscotch and hot butter rum stand out the most! Smells just like Butter Rum Life Savers. The amber almost gives it a grown-up perfume edge

  2. I want to like this, because all of the individual notes are right up my alley. Unfortunately, the “black” portion is darker than I’d like and comes off as smoky over a soft, boozy amber. It may fade, but I’d most likely reach for something I don’t have to wait for over this.

  3. Boozy bourban vanilla and butter rum. I get a hint of black and, in the drydown, you can spot spiriteuse double vanilla. It’s extremely boozy, heady, and STRONG for at least an hour first. Simple and gourmand.

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